Data Center - NetSec Solutions

  1. SolarWinds Systems Management Bundle: A system monitoring bundle of four tools including a server monitoring tool, virtualization manager, storage resource monitor, and web performance monitor.
  2. SuperOps RMM: A cloud-based package of services that allows MSP technicians to manage the systems of their clients.
  3. N-able N-sight: A remote monitoring and management tool that enables central IT departments to manage IT systems on remote sites.
  4. NinjaOne: A remote monitoring and management system that automates many standard system management tasks.
  5. Site24x7: A cloud-based platform of system monitors that cover websites, applications, servers, and networks.
  6. ManageEngine Endpoint Central: A unified endpoint management solution for local or remote sites that includes regular maintenance routines and onboarding services.
  7. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor: A network monitoring tool with autodiscovery that can find devices and recommend appropriate sensors.
  8. ManageEngine Applications Manager: A monitoring system that tracks on-premises and cloud resources, following their performance and dependencies.

These tools enable network administrators to manage infrastructure and applications from one location effectively. They help to mitigate security and performance concerns so that your employees can work freely without being held back by downtime or sluggish performance.

In addition to these tools, it’s also important to consider technology risk management. This involves assessing potential technology failures that could disrupt your business, such as information security incidents or service outages. An up-to-date EA inventory can help you assess which applications might be at risk because underlying IT components are no longer supported. This helps you keep track of your technology standards.