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Basic Configuration Palo Alto Firewall

Pre-requisites: Laptop Network wires. Internet connection. Diagram: Palo Alto connections Pre-configuration: 1- Create Zones. (Inside, Outside) or (Trust, Untrust) anything you want. 2- Create a virtual router. 3- Configure an Interface Management Profile to allow ping. (Internally, Externally). 4- Configure Interfaces for (Inside, Outside). 5- Configure Static Routes for the ISP. (Dynamically or Statically). 6- […]

DNS Proxy Using Palo Alto

What is a DNS Proxy: It’s a forward proxy and acts like any other regular proxy. It sits in the middle of your network and forwards requests and replies between DNS clients and servers. Imagine you are sitting in your workstation, and you query Without a proxy, traffic will be sent to your local DNS server. […]